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When parent's argue or fight, it can be really scary, but know that it is not your fault.

This isn't happening because of you, one day it will be easier. Please push through because I know you can.
When I was worried about my parents hurting each other, I would reach out to friends or family members I trusted knowing there wasn't anything I could do.
Keep going, no matter what you've been through (which is very valid). Put on your favourite song, blast it, and do whatever you need to do to keep your thoughts, emotions, and spirit safe.

Common questions:

Why do my parents argue and hit eachother when they use substances?

First, it's not your fault!


If a parent has a hard time taking care of their emotions, sometimes substances, like alcohol, can make it more difficult to make the right decisions on how to control their emotions. 

What can I do?

You might feel like you want to try and stop it, but if a parent has used substances (drugs like alcohol), it can be hard for them to listen to you. It is best to: go to a quiet room and do something that helps calm you, and if needed, call or go to a person or place you trust (family, friend, or crisis line)

If I call for help, will they take away my family?

If I call for help,  will they take away my family? In Canada, many professionals have to report families that they worry are putting children in danger. if you are under the age of 18, and your parents are using substances, and they are arguing, hitting you, or hitting each other, there is a risk that you could be removed from your home to protect your physical safety. Some people want this, but others might not, that's why it is important to know your safe people and space are. Click here to find out who your afe people and spaces are.

 Creating an "exit plan"to help prepare you to stay safe.

Create an exit plan to prepare yourself for staying safe: An exit plan is a plan you create to prepare yourself for what you would do if you were unsafe in your home. You create the plan when things are calm and before a crisis happens because stress can make remembering what we should do hard. In the plan, you write out who you would call, who you could talk to, and where you would go if you had to leave your house because you were unsafe. 

Add survey responses/ personal stories: what helped you; clip from bricks video

Who can I trust?
Finding your safe people and spaces

If you feel unsafe in your home or community or are having a hard time managing your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours after witnessing or experiencing harm, reach out to your safe people and spaces. 

Community Resources

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