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Raising Empathy

"Emotional literacy is a broad concept which includes: understanding, expressing, and managing emotions. Being emotionally literate requires that you know what emotions you and others have, how strong they are, what causes them and taking responsibility for how your emotions affect others"-Alberta Health Services


Why is this important for my child?

As humans we feel. We are full of emotions and in varying degrees throughout the day-happy, sad, anger, jealous, frustrated, excited....the list can go on. All these feelings are normal and it is important that our children grow up knowing that they are not only normal but that they will be supported through these waves of feelings. From the day our children are born, they are learning to regulate and be in control of their emotions, but this is a process, as all caregivers know. Like learning to tie a shoe, or read, or write, we need to give our children the tools to help them on their journey in regulating their feelings. But, like all good things, this takes time, patience, and connection.


Emotional literacy helps your child to do this-it helps them to remain mindful of how they are feeling versus reactive, and can help minimize the outbursts that often accompany those big feelings. By simply starting to name your child's emotions at an early age, "you look frustrated", I can see you are mad", you are providing them with the tools to support them on their journey with confidence.

Below find resources and examples to assist you on your emotional literacy journey....

What is it?

Alberta Health Services 

Great module regarding emotional  literacy that you can take independent of their Trauma Informed Care course.

How to encourage your child to identify their feelings.

Kids Help Line Australia

How to deal with your feelings.


Great resources to teach kids how to deal with emotions.

Sesame Street Explore Emotions


Sesame Street Communitites explains how to encourage your child to name their emotions