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"Every child Needs a Hero"

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

{Circle of Hope-Every Child Needs a Hero-Inn from the Cold}

“Whatever the hopes, wishes or intentions of the parent, the child does not experience the parent directly: the child experiences the parenting”: Gabor Mate

Does your child have a favorite hero? A champion that they look up to and admire and aspire to be like? All of our children have superheroes they enjoy (well, unless you are my 6-year-old who has no interest in superheroes), but who is your child’s everyday hero? Someone they can come to with their worries and fears, someone who can provide boundaries and support, can give them gentle reminders of right from wrong, and someone who can support them ensuring they have the necessary means to cope through their ever day struggles.

I think most little kids will say their parents are their “everyday hero”, and us parents would feel pretty confident that we are the ones capable of providing those necessary supports. I think ALL parents want to be their children's "everyday hero". But not every child has a dependable adult that they can consistently rely on to support them emotionally through their daily ups and downs. All parents love their kids, and we are all trying to be the best parents we can with the resources and supports that we have, but for some, that is very difficult and maybe impossible and the children suffer greatly.

Our city is full of amazing agencies for those who have a difficult time getting through their everyday, especially those most vulnerable in our communities. I strongly believe that these agencies not only benefit the individuals within their 4 walls, but greatly benefits all of us within our communities as that shelter is in our city. My kids are in the same school system as those kids and were born at the same hospitals.They enjoy building with lego just like my kids and will both likely eat way too much candy at Halloween. My kids are lucky to have a home by no choice of their own, just like those kids do not have a home by no choice of their own. All of our kids will one day contribute to their communities and pay taxes to the same government and it is in the best interest of all of us in our cities to ensure the best supports are in place so that all of our children can grow into resilient communities. Whatever the circumstance, these places are a relief for those in crisis.

In addition, these agencies are conducting and utilizing research that benefits all of our children and will ensure the future for our kids is one of resilience. As per Alberta Family Wellness, “We can help children build the foundations of resilience by supporting nurturing caregiver relationships and by providing the supports that all families need but only some receive”

Inn from the cold is one of these agencies. It is an emergency shelter for families experiencing homelessness with the mission to “… provide shelter, sanctuary, and healing to assist homeless children and their families achieve independence”. They are one of the few shelters in Calgary that provide for families specifically, with the goal of keeping the family unit together.

"In 2017, 58% of their shelter guests were kids, and in 2018, that number increased by 26%.”

As a housing first agency, they work with the families and provide the necessary supports to ensure they find appropriate housing and have the means to maintain their home. They are a bright and colorful building downtown and with numbers like the above, thank goodness for their services.

Opportunities to inform/ engage your kids at Inn from the Cold

  1. OPEN HOUSE: Inn from the Cold has their yearly open house in December. It is an amazing opportunity to bring the kids and become informed. You get a tour of the agency and get to see first hand where the families sleep, where the kids play and read books, and where they eat- everyday behaviors all of us take part in with our children, and a great way to discuss the similarities between all of us, while acknowledging the differences. Stay tuned to their site for more details, or keep tabs on @ as I will be sure to remind you.

  2. DONATE NEW GOODS: Needs list of new items (coats, boots, pajamas, childcare supplies, food items). More info is on their site and direct links on my site. Get the kids involved in picking out supplies and drop them off at their downtown shelter.

Circle of Hope: “Every Child Needs A Hero”-November 6, 2018

“A child’s development lays the groundwork on the people we will be, and the adults in children’s lives play a large role in shaping identity. Positive adult relationships have the power to inspire, build resiliency, and promote healthy development mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Join us as we discuss how we can empower the next generation and ultimately create a brighter future for everyone.”-Circle of Hope

On Nov 6, 2018, Inn from the Cold is hosting their 2nd annual Circle of Hope:"Every Child Needs a Hero” event, an informative Ted Talk style with amazing speakers, focusing on the first 18 years of a child’s life. Their goal- empowering the next generation (YES!!).

If you are able, tickets are $75 for a full day of amazing speakers, and are still available.

I'm excited to be there and hope to see you.

"Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be." -Rita Pierson

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