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Our Work

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Forward: A guide to support the Wellbeing of Youth and Adults impacted by a parent's drug or alcohol use
November 2021

The first of its kind, this guide is made specifically to increase a youth and adults understanding of how their past experiences may be impacting their present, and empower them to use their strength and resilience to move forward with hope and healing.


Raising Empathy School Curriculum
November 2021

Created to supplement the I Belong Bags Back back Program; this invites teachers to discuss with their class the differences that make us unique and the similarities that bind us as humans. Focuses on the social determinants of health, social-emotional learning, and the role of community in building healthy brains.

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Child First Canada:
Young Canadians Parliment
September 2020

We co-created content for Child First Canada's Young Canadian Parliament, highlighting toxic stress's impact on brain development. 

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Raising Empathy Workshop with Families

We discuss how together we can grow healthy brains and bodies that turn into healthy communities. The focus is on our emotions, how stress impacts our emotions, kindness, and empathy.



Our yearly event focuses on reconnecting with our kids, and as a community, while together, inspiring a more beautiful tomorrow.

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