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Starling's Peer Mentorship Program

Connecting Our Stories To Lead Change

Welcome to the Starlings Peer Leadership Program – a vibrant community for individuals impacted by the stigma of parental substance use, who are eager to harness their experiences for positive change.
At Starlings, we embrace an anti-oppressive and healing-centered approach, recognizing the profound impact systemic barriers have on shaping our stories. We understand the complexities of identity, worth, and trust that arise from these experiences, and aim to empower individuals as the leaders they are. Through our program, participants are invited to connect with peers, share their stories, and confront systemic barriers head-on. By cultivating leadership skills and fostering a sense of agency and identity, we empower our members to not only transform their own lives but also to inspire change in others.

Legs in Jeans

Who should join?

Are you 18+ and have lived experience with the stigma of a parent's substance use? Do you want to feel connected to others with similar experiences? Are you nervous to use your voice to advocate for others who grow up with the stigma of a parent's substance use but are eager to see changes in how our communities support impacted youth and families? 


Then you should join us. 

What can you expect?

Joining the Starlings Peer Leadership Program means embarking on a transformative journey where you'll:


  • Explore how stress and stigma shape the narratives we weave about ourselves, our emotions, behaviors, and experiences.

  • Forge meaningful connections with peers who share similar experiences, providing a supportive community where you can find understanding and solidarity.

  • Experience the power of shared storytelling, where your voice is not only heard but validated. Gain valuable tools to better understand and articulate your own story, empowering you to break free from the constraints of stigma.

  • Draw inspiration from local leaders who have navigated similar challenges and emerged as catalysts for change in their communities. Witness firsthand how personal experiences can be harnessed to lead impactful transformations.

  • Cultivate a newfound sense of confidence and hope in yourself, equipped with the skills and support to make a tangible difference in your own life and the lives of others.

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I'm ready to join

I'm curious and want to learn more

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You Will Do Big Things

Looking for our peer resources?

Stories, resources, and supports for our peers, by starlings peers.

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