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Youth resilience

It takes a village to raise a family.

We are empowering a compassionate society that supports the health and healing of youth exposed to the stress and stigma of a parent's unaddressed trauma and substance use. Why? Impacted youth are at double to triple the risk for mental illness, substance use disorder, and suicide as the general population, yet parents continue to meet barriers to healing, and no proactively available supports exist for youth.  The time for change is now.

#forwardwithhope #forwardwithoutshame

Knowledge mobilization:
We translate the knowledge on stress and resilience to expose how stigma contributes to adverse health outcomes in families, while empowering a society that is able to protect the health, promote the healing, and stop the cycle of trauma in families. Learn about our Anti-Stigma training, speaking engagements, and consulting. 

understanding stress and stigma as it relates to a 2nd Thursday evening of the month. Link

Peer empowerment:
Have you been impacted by the stress and stigma associated with a parent's substance use Or care give for someone who has? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We are peers, and hustle to create opportunities to increase hope and decrease shame through our resources, peer groups, and peer and caregiver kits. 

We are actively engaging with leaders, advocates, and Ministers across Canada, increasing their knowledge of how stigma impacts the well-being of youth and ensuring their commitment and actions to improving the well-being of impacted youth. 

Children's rights
Dysfunctional families

current community events:

Why this work Matters: A message from our founder

Like Starlings, we gather and connect so that all children may rise resilient.

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