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Better Together.

Starlings & FASC Merge.

The Family Advocacy Support Centre (FASC) was founded in January 2022 by Rebecca Foshole-Luke to support parents involved in Children's Services. In 2023, FASC joined forces with Starlings Community, founded by Agnes Chen, which focused on supporting youth impacted by the stigma of a parents substance use. Agnes and Rebecca, drawing from their professional expertise and personal experiences, combined their organizational success to reimagine how communities understand and support families. Their vision is inspired by their own challenges and the importance of support in overcoming systemic barriers. Together, they aim to create a world where every family can ask for help and receive the necessary support to thrive within their communities.

Exciting news! As part of our collective efforts, we are thrilled to announce that our new website is LIVE. This online platform will serve as a valuable resource hub, providing information, support, and resources for youth and parents seeking assistance. Stay tuned for updates as we prepare to bring this innovative website to life.

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