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Promoting the hope and healing of individuals who have been affected by the stress and stigma of a parent’s substance use.

Coming June 2024

New Peer Support 

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1 in 5 youth is impacted by the stress and stigma of a parent’s substance use, and structural barriers to health rooted in carceral approaches to care make it difficult for youth and their parents to access support without fear of stigma, parental criminalization or family separation. Starlings Community is forging new ways of understanding and disrupting the intergenerational consequences of stigma and ensuring generations of families can move forward with hope, healing, and well-being. 

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Our Offerings

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If you are a youth or have an "inner youth in you" with lived experience with the stress and stigma of a parent's substance use, access our stories, our free resources, our peer leadership program, and more.

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Access our caregiver information sessions, Hope Kits, and resources

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Increase your capacity to understand and disrupt intergenerational consequences of substance use stigma to support youth and their families to thrive.

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Check out our infographics, read our reports, request our resources, or watch/listen to us in action.

The Blog: Our Stories of Hope, Healing, and Advocacy

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