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How much stress are you carrying?

Having a parent with substance use challenges can be really stressful. Learn how stress impacts us.

Did you know that 1 in 5 people in Canada grow up with a parent's substance use challenges (often called an addiction)? And 94% of our peers said that their childhoods were super stressful because of a parent's mental health and substance use challenges. They told us that this stress impacted their

school work
level of hope

It was pretty stressful, I had a lot of nights where I was up till morning because of the arguing, but, when I finally moved out I couldn't sleep cause of my thoughts. I felt better when I started to know others were in the same boat, it didn't take away the experiences, but it helped me feel less alone.
Learn about what stress we've experienced here.

All the stress at home

made it hard to focus on school , work, and even friendhsips. I
spent most of the day
worrying about them and about what was coming. When I learned how my body was just protecting me, it helped me better understand myself and feel less broken.

Learn about stress and the brain here.


I feel like the most stressful part was actually trying to find help, which  triggered so many bad memories and made it hard to focus. I learned my body was preparing me for a potentially dangerous situation.
Learn about the stress response  here

We share all this to remind you that 

You are not alone

Some things that we have seen, heard, or felt that have made us feel stressed:

What happens when we experience stress


When we are calm, we can think clearly

Every second of every day your brain gets information from your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin. It scans this information without you even knowing it, and it quickly decides

AM I safe

in danger?

When we are stressed,  our thinking brain is off.

When your body detects danger, it will prepare you to escape it. This might feel and look like:

racing thoughts

heavy legs

quick breathing

tight throat

stomach ache

fast heart beat

sweaty palms

Your behaviour is a normal response to stressful experiences. And, to stop the stress response, we need to feel safe. 

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