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Who can help me?

If you are unsafe in your home or community or are having a hard time managing your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, reach out to your safe people and spaces

We know how hard it can be to reach out for help and share our stories: we've been there. But we also know how amazing it has been to reach out to the right people and spaces.
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Words from peers who've been there

"look towards your future. picture yourself with your dream life, with a significant other, maybe kids if you want them, a beautiful home, travelling, anything that will help motivate you into not continuing their addictions".

HARD TRUTH: Not everyone will understand or believe your experiences and feelings, including some friends and family, which can feel horrible. 

A safe person or place is someone or somewhere that you know and can trust with your feelings and experiences. Sometimes not even a best friend or other family member will understand what you need or what you are going through, so it is important to think about and even write out: where can I go, who can I talk to, or what can I do to feel safe.
Who should I reach out to for mental health support?
What makes me feel safe? Praying? smudging? listening to music?

Who are professionals I can talk to and how can they help me?

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A counsellor

A counsellor can be a psychologist, a social worker, or mental health therapist. They can help you understand and get through past trauma & understand your feelings. Many of us have found great counsellors, but don't be discouraged if the first one you try isn't the right fit. 

1. Note: Counsellors are mandated reporters. Click here to learn more.

2. Tips to finding a counsellor

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A doctor

A family doctor you trust can help you find and refer you to free services in your city.They can also prescribe medication (if needed and discussed).

Note: Doctors are mandated reporters. Click here to learn more.

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An Elder

An Elder or knowledge holder can offer a listening ear and advice. Het in touch with your local community centre, or school to help you find an Elder. 

Find an Elder in Canada here.

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A teacher or other adult

A teacher you trust can be a good listener and help you feel safe, support you in find resources, and answer questions you might have.

Note: Teachers are mandated reporters. Click here to learn more.


Talk to somone you trust. Getting professional help is good and okay.

Halifax, Canada

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